About Us

Welcome to Berry & Moro CPAs, an accounting firm comprised of Certified Public Accountants specializing in providing services to the oil and gas industry. We provide Accounting, Tax Work, and Assurance services to all kinds of oil and gas companies, taking care of all these elements for them so they can focus on driving their business to a higher level of efficiency and productivity.

At Berry & Moro CPAs, we serve all kinds of oil and gas or energy companies, ranging from exploration and production firms to transportation, energy storage, equipment, refining, and many other types of companies in the industry. We are truly experts in oil and gas accounting, boasting more than 100 years of experience in based in the US oil and gas industry as well as the international and worldwide energy industry. Our biggest assets are our expertise and insight in the field, enabling us to provide reliable and professional consultancy to our clients regardless of what position and capacity their company holds in the industry.

We translate our accounting knowledge and industry insight into ideal solutions for your organization.

We understand that the companies that come to us want us to develop viable solutions for them and that they require someone experienced in the industry to properly understand their accounting and tax needs. We give you the peace of mind of all this and more when you come to Berry & Moro CPAs. We work consistently and diligently to ensure our consultancy and accounting increases your value and profit all the while reducing your expenses.

Therefore, regardless of what accounting, tax, or assurance help you require – be it reducing your tax expenses, optimizing finances and accounts, or looking into your company’s financial activities – we can take the load off your shoulders and do it for you.

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