Oil & Gas Tax

The oil and gas tax professionals at Berry & Moro CPAs assist and works hand in hand with companies within the oil and gas industry with a variety of tax matters.  Our tax professionals have significant experience with oil and gas tax accounting calculations and compliance matters with various government agencies, income taxes such as corporate income tax, s-corporate tax, limited partnership tax and limited liability corporate tax. We also provide services for taxes related to oil and gas production, including statutory reporting required for such taxes.
Our professional tax advisory and planning services provide companies with the means to be able to best align their business activities with the best tax result. Our corporate and international tax professionals assist in organizing the configuration of transactions to be as tax-effective as possible, managing our client’s tax burden, striving to constantly improve sustainable growth.


  •  Severance Taxes
  • Royalty Distribution
  •  Revenue Disbursements
  • Domestic Production Activities (Section 199)
  • Strategies to maximize drilling costs deductions
  • Planning Exit Strategies to minimize tax liability
  • Budgeting and planning to maximize IDC and other tax benefits
  • Tax Basis DD&A (Depreciation, Depletion & Amortization) Analysis
  • Specific multi-state tax income tax knowledge, such as withholding and statutory depletion requirements
  • Guidance on entity organization, creation and planning with emphasis in complex entities, Joint Ventures, LLC’s and Partnerships
Our team of professionals is highly trained to fully understand and take action to the unique needs and requirements of the oil and gas industry. Our team will assist any individual involved in all stages of the extractive procedure. Our objective is not only to minimize your tax liability, but also to help our clients identify, generate and implement the most effective accounting system to best serve the specific needs of our clients.